Carrie Sheffield is a captivating speaker, sharing insights at public and private events on important topics shaping our society. Her speeches cover a wide range of subjects, from politics and economics to pressing societal issues like faith, mental health and family.

Carrie speaks to tens of thousands of people during live events at numerous, venues including Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, Liberty University, Brigham Young University, Network Of Enlightened Women, Young America’s Foundation, America’s Future Foundation, The Women’s National Republican Club, FreedomFest, and Foundation for Economic Education. She’s testified before the U.S. House and spoke at the U.S. Senate both empowering at-risk youth and in favor of landmark tax reforms passed by Congress in 2017.


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Watch Carrie speak about her faith journey before nearly 10,000 students at Liberty University.


Watch Carrie’s keynote dinner speech while receiving the Tony Blankley Fellow for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism. 


Watch Carrie’s discussion of America’s social fabric and her forthcoming memoir.


Watch Carrie Sheffield Interview then-House Speaker Paul Ryan on poverty solutions on the mainstage of the Conservative Political Action Conference.