Carrie Sheffield’s coming-of-age memoir, Motorhome Prophecies: A Journey of Healing and Forgiveness, published March 12, 2024 by Hachette Book Group. It aims to strengthen mental health and resilience through spiritual community–especially among young people. Order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Also find it at Walmart, at Bookshop and Books-A-Million.


Learn more about Motorhome Prophecies in a conversation with Carrie Sheffield appearing on “The 700 Club” news program below:

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Watch Carrie Sheffield speak with Pastor A.R. Bernard before his 30,000+ member church, Christian Cultural Center




Book Reviews:

  • Publishers Weekly: “Journalist and broadcaster Sheffield debuts with a searing memoir of her turbulent childhood and its scars … readers will be riveted by Sheffield’s unrelenting efforts to make sense of her upbringing (“I’ll spend the rest of my life discerning how God will transform my abuse for his service”) without sensationalizing or downplaying what she went through. This is hard to forget.”
  • Amy Chua, Yale Law Professor and Author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and The Golden Gate: “Beautifully written and achingly honest, Motorhome Prophecies is the heartwrenching story of Carrie Sheffield’s journey from abuse and darkness to hope and redemption. Funny, whip smart, at-times gasp-inducing, this inspiring book is a testament to the most American idea of all: the circumstances of your birth need not dictate the outcome of your life.”
  • Shannon Bream, Fox News Sunday host, Bestselling Author: “A brand new book coming out that I could not put down. It hits on a lot of ideas and themes and subjects that I’m super interested in, so I found it fascinating. I think you will, too ….This book is so gripping, and it’s so transparent.”
  • Pastor A.R. Bernard, Bestselling Author and Founder of Christian Cultural Center, largest Evangelical church in New York City: “This project is a balm of Gilead for many who have experienced a bittersweet relationship with Mormon culture, a well meaning attempt to build a community around the centrality of faith but often misguided in practice. Carrie Sheffield, with her new found relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, manages to bring the right balance of grace and truth in sharing her spiritual journey. A must read!”
  • The Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and author of Love is the Way: Holding onto Hope in Troubling Times and Crazy Christians: “Carrie Sheffield’s story is both poignant and inspiring, a moving testament to the grace of God and the discovery of belovedness in the midst of so much hurt that threatens to consume us. Her journey takes its own unique turns, but it is also a story of depth and feeling that will resonate with many. Mark my words: you will be blessed as you follow Carrie along the Way of Love that Jesus shows us all.”
  • Dr. David Brat, Vice Provost for Engagement and Public Relations at Liberty University; former U.S. Congressman: “The story of Motorhome Prophecies is a universal one: Jesus heals. Carrie Sheffield’s horrific abuse at the hands of people who should have protected her shows the brokenness of humanity. But Carrie’s story also illustrates our capacity for redemption and renewal by walking with God and trusting in His justice and sovereign grace. Carrie illustrates the heart of God: leading by loving our neighbors who believe differently than us. It’s a posture we can apply to business, politics, and society overall.”
  • Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., Bestselling Author, TIME Magazine “Top 100 heroes and icons of the century”“Carrie Sheffield’s journey in Motorhome Prophecies proves to us that with God’s help, nobody is too far removed from their capacity to rejuvenate and thrive. Carrie’s spiritual transformation from exploited, angry skeptic to a full embrace of God’s transformative, healing power is a powerful witness to the world. May you learn and grow encouraged and energized by Carrie’s story to fulfill God’s healing desires in your own life.”


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